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Daily Vitamin #10 – Everyday Tools

BTSync – forget Dropbox and stop putting your files elsewhere. I’ve been using this for months now and actually cancelled my yearly Dropbox plan.
Mindmapping – can’t go wrong with any one of them although I still use MindManager
Vym – candidate for MindManager replacement for me

Back to Consistency

I’ve been struggling with my VPS provider for past month or so. It was constantly down and on top of that, they actually shut the server down due to high load. WTF?

In any case, I got another VPS provider as a load balancer and moved the sites back to my servers here at my home datacenter. This should bring my sites (non-apps) to be lot more stable as it once was.

The provider I used shall remain anonymous other than their initials, SP, although they joined the two words.

Something New, Yet The Same

What’s the difference between `self` and `this`?

Why do we have both?

Can’t we just have one?

The fact is, people are different. I’m different. Even when we are in fact, same.

I’m a Catholic, a husband, a father, a son, a brother and so many different things to others. However, one thing remains the same, I write code. This is where all those things come together.

Something new, but not really.