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Tips for Starting Haskell

I began recording a series of Haskell screencasts, but as always, had to move all my focus aways from anything personal due to work. Rather than throwing the notes away, I’ll post some of them here as I go through my spring cleaning.

Below are the links I was going to mention in the screencast.

To install Haskell on your Mac, use Homebrew by following these steps:
$ brew update
$ brew install haskell-platform
$ echo 'export PATH=~/.cabal/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.zshrc
$ cabal update

Please be advised that I use zsh, so that’s why the third step is .zshrc. If you use bash, then change that to .bashrc or .profile.

To verify that the installation, start ghci.

cabal is a package manager for the platform. Test the cabal by installing pandoc (since it’s an essential tool, right?) for documentation since we all LOVE documentation. 😉
$ cabal install pandoc